Barbie and Baby Krissy

I loved mermaids as a kid. Remember the mermaid in Aqua Boy? The one with the yellow fin and the crystal ball on her necklace? I think that started it all.

I wasn’t the girlish of little girls, but I did love mermaids, and had an appreciation of Barbie. So when I saw this image I was back in the glory days of my childhood. Oh how those corporate toy-makers know their kid crack.

Barbie is a glamour girl. Growing up I had Malibu Barbie, Skipper (who cares?) Olympic Gymnast Barbie, and Fashion Barbie. Fashion Barbie came with a spinning dais and camera. The dais moved giving Barbie the illusion of wind-blown hair for her fashion shoots. There was no ‘Single Mother Barbie’ when I was a kid. Now that I think of it there wasn’t alot of explanation for Barbie’s lifestyle. Sometimes she was young, beautiful beach bunny Barbie hanging out with Skipper, and other times she was moving into her Dream House with Ken. So who knows what this Mermaid Barbie’s back story is, but it must be a good one. Because, like all mermaids, instead of having long lovely legs she has a blue fish tail. And though I don’t want little kids having to deal with realities of reproduction, it has to be asked: How did Mermaid Barbie get pregnant? Why did Mermaid Barbie get pregnant?  The post that featured this picture credited the baby as Baby Krissy. Really shouldn’t it be Baby Fish Egg, Krissy?

(What I really love about Baby Krissy is though she appears to be an infant, she already has her body length in long flaxen, blonde hair just like her mother.)

Still the most interesting thing to me is why this version of Barbie, to be blunt, got stuck with the kid? (I know that Mall-Tramp Barbie gets around.) Was being a shimmering mermaid not appealing enough? Is motherhood that exotic? I’m not sure what the turquoise clam shell’s purpose is, more accessories I suppose, but it’s pretty cool. Very kid crack-ish. Still Mattel felt the need to make her a mermaid mommy. But is Baby Krissy a mermaid? I don’t think so. It looks like she’s wearing a lavender sleeping bag, with some rather cheap looking, and easily removable flippers. Because I bet under that onesie are little plastic baby legs. Weird. Why not just make her a baby mermaid? At this point you may be thinking that’s not nearly as weird as my obsession with this thing. Touche. But the more I ponder it the more odd the whole thing seems.


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