Ugly Christmas Sweater Inc.


I was at Target this morning, and Fred Meyers (Seattle equivalent) on Tuesday. Both had prominently displayed ugly sweater collections. Some of them were pretty cute. But call me old fashioned, I thought the whole point of ugly sweater parties, competitions, etc. was to see just how awful your mother’s/your’s/whomever’s taste was, and have a good laugh. You don’t go to a store and buy an ugly sweater! What’s the point of that? To prove you can purposefully be tacky? That bad taste is a choice? Where’s the fun in that?

Maybe this will be the death of the ugly Christmas sweater craze. Of course I thought that a few years back when Good Morning America had a competition between the on-air talent to see who had the most horrendous sweater. Unfortunately it was obvious that the sweaters had been made by staff elves working behind the scenes with tinsel and a glue guns. Sigh.


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