Love Doll



It’s funny thing about sexuality and gender. Recently I was reading an article on the growing popularity of sex dolls. Like everything else, they’ve come a long way, baby. It’s not your…uncle’s weird blow-up doll of yester year, but a high-end, silicone model that’s customizable and can run a couple of thousand  bucks.

Naturally a lurid picture of one of these well-endowed, silicon sisters was included with the post which got me to thinking, are there male sex dolls? Of course there are, but is there much of a demand?

I started hunting and pecking my way through websites, but without much luck. All the  dolls were of the female variety. Then I noticed the term, love doll was used quite a bit, and typed this into the search engine. Perhaps this euphemism was more palatable to women. And do you know what popped up? Baby dolls. Those hyper-realistic baby dolls, dressed up in knit hats and matching sweaters. That was the female equivalent of a love doll, and it kind of hurt my heart.

*the above picture is of the, convenient storage method that is provided by one of the sex doll manufacturers.



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