What Lies Beneathe


With the season of the witch upon us my annual crush on Rick Genest/Zombie Boy returns.

Tattoos are fascinating. They supposedly signal rebelliousness, individualism, non-conformity, tribe identification; in short they are paradoxes. But where most tattoos cover us, hide us, Genest’s reveals us.The genius of ZB is not really his tattoos. Google head-to-toe tattoos and he’s not the only guy covered in them. However he is the only one featured in a Lady Gaga video, a Thierry Mugler ad campaign, Paris cat walk, etc. etc. In short the kind of attention and paycheck people would kill for. So it’s not his tattoos per se as much as he is turned inside out.

So here we have the ultimate shape-shifter Rick Genest. A reverse Pinocchio of sorts. Where Pincchio dreamed of being a, ‘real boy,’ Genest seems to have dreamed of being a living corpse, aka zombie.¬† The Canadian teenager transformed himself into his alter ego Zombie Boy, and made a small fortune doing so.


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