Coke is Not It.


Have you seen the new ad campaign for Coke? The, “Share a Coke with….” line that’s on Coke’s bottles and cans. The TV spots are kind of off-putting. Girls huddle around bottles of Coke squealing about seeing their name. Puh-lease.

Of course this is not on my mind as I scan the vending machine at work for my name in a plastic. (What does it mean if you don’t find your name on a bottle of Coke? Kind of like you don’t exist. Gulp)

All this on the heels of the MadMen finale that had Don Draper coming up with the iconic, I’d Like to Teach the World to Sing advertising campaign. That at the time the term, ‘Me’ generation was just being coined. Amateurs. When I was growing up the big slogan was, Coke is It! But they’ve turned that all on it’s head. Now it’s all about you the consumer.

In the end I can’t find my name on a bottle, though I do see an empty on someone’s desk with my name on it. (Sally’s a friend of mine.) So I do exist in Coke’s mind. (?) Later in the week I go to the grocery store and see cases of coke displayed with new ‘names’ like Grillmaster, or Superstar. Very clever that Coke company.


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