Killing Pam


Pamela Anderson…sigh. I have a soft place in my heart for Pam. Last year she revealed she was molested as a child. But even before that I felt for her. Married to that horrible Tommy Lee. Poor girl.

So I have to wonder about her latest PETA campaign. Pam posing in the iconic shower/slasher scene from Hitchcock’s classic, Psycho, as photographed by David Lachapelle. (Will Pam always be grist for the mill?) Does she not see the value placed on animals over women in this reenactment?

Psycho’s shower scene is remembered because it’s a slaughter of a beautiful, vulnerable woman, not the waste of water. (Say what you will about the brilliance of Alfred Hitchock, misogyny is not an unfair criticism.) Lachapelle’s trope is a bit of a stretch. This is about water as much as animals? Nah, people tend to notice naked Playboy centerfolds over words, and of course that’s why PETA has used Pam, and other famous beautiful women, so relentlessly over the years. In other words it’s okay to see women as meat, just not animals.


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