Raised Eyebrows


I salute these women for they’re creative pursuit of beauty, if not it’s horrifying results.

As a person blessed with good eyebrows (my esthetician told me so!) but a low forehead, and eyes on the deep-set side. I know the battle of the esthetically challenged.

Once, it was in the mid-nineties I believe, I shaved my eyebrows off in the pursuit of beauty. The Marlena Dietrich/Jean Harlow-pencil-thin-1930’s eyebrow had made a strong comeback (at least in fashion spreads and music videos). On me it looked okay, from a distance. Up close my eyebrow pencil had an orange tint, giving my painted-on- brows a glowing, orange hue. If that wasn’t bad enough it was summer time. When else do girls shave their eyebrows off? And I found, to my horror, that when my forehead would bead with sweat, and I thoughtlessly wiped it with my hand, my eyebrows would smear off. Now, instead of being above my eyes, they were sitting on my hand. (I never realized how often I swiped my forehead free of perspiration.) Enter bangs.

Three cheers to the never-ending quest for beauty, and it’s unpredictable results!


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