Why Do Celebrities Ruin Everything? Srsly?


I have a friend who dreams of having her children’s book published. She grows disheartened whenever she turns on the TV and there’s another celebrity hocking their children’s book. *See Madonna, Sarah Ferguson, Jamie Lee Curtis, Jim Carrey, Ricky Martin, etc. Why would anyone want a kiddies book written by a nobody, she wonders.

For that matter why would anyone want anything not endorsed by a celebrity? *See Suzanne Sommers. Fashion line, recipe books, diet & fitness, make-up, jewelry, skin care…

Of course it seems that celebrities have always roamed the earth pitching something. Ricky and Lucy selling Lucky Strike, or Marilyn Monroe and Sparkle shampoo are two that come to mind. But now it’s literally everything. Kandi Burruss of Real Housewives of Atlanta fame, sells, um, marital aids…

I guess what bothers me is that it’s so greedy. (I mean, not including Kandi. She’s clearly doing the Lord’s work.) Is world-wide fame not enough? Do they have to suck the oxygen out of everything? Hog the limelight in as many industries/businesses as possible? You can make the argument beauty and fashion are a perfect alliance for people in the glamour biz. Fine. But was Carrie Bradshaw/SJP known for her gift wrap or greeting cards? Do the Kardashians really use make-up sold at drug stores? Does Nicki Minaj shop at Kmart?

Maybe I’m wrong. (I hope I am.) And there’s room for all, the nobodies and the somebodies. Anyway I’ve got to run. Suzanne’s on the MSNBC home shopping network with a new line of laundry soap.


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