Put On A Little Make-Up, Make-up, Make Sure They Get Ur Good Side…


As I logged onto my PC a picture of Keira Knightley appeared with the caption, prettier without make-up. There’s a trend in media to encourage celebrities and media personalities (Good Morning America tried it one morning) to go without make-up, in an attempt to encourage women, especially young women, to accept themselves as they are. “You’re beautiful! You don’t need all that make-up,” they seem to be saying. It’s similar to the much lauded, Real Beauty Dove soap campaign featuring, predictably, non-celebrity women.

As Martha Stewart used to say, “It’s a good thing.” Right? Now here is where it get’s interesting. Chalk it up to snarky magazine editors, or the cosmetic companies striking back, but more and more ‘articles’ are appearing face-shaming stars who appear in public au naturel. There’s one in this week’s InTouch magazine entitled, Even Celebs Aren’t Perfect. It’s a four page, color spread highlighting  over twenty stars without make-up, and guess what? The gals, they’re all women of course, look less attractive without make-up. That’s putting it mildly they look horrible. (Hint: fresh face pic’s are always complete with frowns, or grimaces.) The devious captions read, Great Genes, or True Beauty. Those are for the celebs the editors like. Less lovable stars get, A Bit Faded, Glam Squad Needed, or No Time to Primp?

So on one hand we have these campaigns encouraging us to appear fresh-faced in public, that is if you’re lucky enough to look like Rihanna or Nicole Richie. But on the other we see stars face-shamed, ie. Kim Kardashian (a good case for concealer!) or Ellen Pompeo (could use a touch of bronzer). What’s the public to think? More importantly the consumer? Consider diving into a vat of make-up? Just when you think the media couldn’t get any more schizophrenic it does. Face-shaming, it’s the new black!


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