The Bustle Hustle

tumblr_mgk3wmFPxP1rpsft7o1_1280tumblr_mutit5wdpL1qzfpkto1_400When I was a kid we’d visit my grandparents house and because they didn’t believe in watching TV (when we were around) I was forced to read books or magazines. Can you imagine such cruelty? Honestly they weren’t big readers so it was slim-pickens at best. Fortunately they had a coffee table book on American history, We Americans that I grew to love. Among other topics it traced fashion trends throughout the decades. I remember being fascinated by the bustle. The bustle?!? Ridiculous. The illustrations made it look like birdcages attached to the model’s derriere. How could people find that attractive? You couldn’t find a more violent clash with post sexual revolution generation that I had been born into. The bra was eyed with suspicion, some segments of the population considering it cruel and unusual punishment.  What was I to make of the bustle? People were really stupid in the past, I surmised. Fast forward…

History’s a real kick in the pants. Isn’t it? The bustle is back. I was reminded of that when watching the backside of Kenya Moore (Miss USA, y’all) on the Real Housewives of Atlanta the other night. What a caboose! Kenya had it encased in Lycra, accentuating every voluminous curve. It was breathtaking! It’s rumored to be fake, it has it’s own zip code…it is the BUSTLE! Granted this isn’t earth-shattering news. Kim Kardashian’s turned her assets (ah-hem) into a cottage industry. JLO before that, but in the end, I realize the tuchas never goes out of style.


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