Everything Old is New Again


A destructive habit of mine is watching one of the many incarnations of, The Real Housewives franchises on Bravo. As I was watching one of these horror shows I was reminded of the brilliant old film, The Women. Originally a Broadway play the film was directed by George Cukor, and starred Joan Crawford and half of Hollywood at the time. (There’s a horrific 2008 remake starring Meg Ryan, and again half of Hollywood, that fell flat on it’s face. Maybe more about that later.)

The similarities between the two are so striking I couldn’t help but wonder if Andy Cohen wasn’t a big fan of The Women, and had retooled it into his successful housewives serials. Afterall Bravo is known for being gay-friendly, and The Women was a cult favorite among gay theatre-goers.* Nix the clever dialogue and class distinctions of 1930’s screwball comedies, replace it with the nastiness and vulgarity of our time, toss in a ton of fabulous fashions and you have The Women retooled to 2013 sensibilities. Of course nothing is ever reincarnated the same, but then again wealthy, bitchy women never go out of style either.

*See Wikipedia and the Castro district.


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