Halloween & The Morning Show


My guiltiest of pleasures this time of year is watching the morning shows Halloween-a-thons. An event that has evolved before our very eyes. When they first started this tradition it was great. They casts wore quirky Halloween costumes, and ridiculed celebrities like Jennifer Lopez and Biggie Small. It was entertaining! Silly viewer, you know this isn’t going to last. Naturally it quickly transformed into a vehicle for promoting Disney and George Lucas characters/products. The entire casts came dressed as characters from their films with no deviation. How creative! 

The Today show somewhat redeemed itself, casting aside the corporate code to a certain extent, with anchors dressing up as assorted TV stars from the past. Hollywood products still, but not with an obvious buck to turn. Perhaps slipping ratings have caused them to reevaluate their game plan.

Good Morning America was especially egregious this year. Instead of making fun of celebrities once again they were promoting them. BCFC. By Celebrities For Celebrities. They actually had a red carpet. A RED CARPET. Game of Thrones, Gravity, and Anchorman were just a few of the products on the agenda. God bless him, Tom Bergeron kept saying things like, “I hope my career survives this.” The only honest man in the room.


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