Don’t Do It, Boo!


This was me as Charlie Brown several years ago. Let this be a lesson to you, this is what happens to you when Halloween becomes Slutoween and you rebel.  In case you don’t recognize the second picture, that’s Edgar Allan Ho. Maybe the greatest slutty costume ever.

Just to show how seriously I take this subject (and a love of language) I read several blogs on the topic. Such as, The Great Slutty Double Standard, and Say No to Slutoween to name a few.

Do you remember a time when Slutoween was new? I recall seeing a ‘sexy’ Snow White costume at the store, and being surprised. Snow White? Sure there was sexy cop, sexy maid, Elvira, but Snow White? Is nothing sacred? And when did this all begin? I wondered. (I think Princess Leia’s slave bikini from Return of the Jedi has something to do with it.) Anyway as I said, I’ve done a little reading, but no one has really said much. Everyone basically kept to the party-line of it’s once a year, women should not be judged for looking like sluts, it’s just sex, leave ’em alone, blah, blah, blah.

I don’t know…I just loved Halloween so much growing up that I was crushed when I saw it turning into slutoween. There was so much more fun to be had then just gettin’ slutty. But, invariably, whenever I’d go to an ‘adult’ Halloween party the room would be filled with sexy maids, sexy cops, sexy little red riding hoods, a flasher one time, etc. Occasionally there was a creative type who thought outside the box. I remember a couple who came as Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love one year. That was cool. Maybe the thing is that women seem to be limiting themselves. Men can come as a variety of characters but the woman seemed to always be the same thing. Except for maybe our friend Edgar Allan Ho here.

I knew I wasn’t entirely alone when I read one blogger’s confession: “Every time I see girl dressed up as a cat a little part of my soul dies.”



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