End Times Prophecy


The church down the street is advertising an ‘End Times Prophecy,’ conference. Therefore necessitating the need for a giant inflatable Nebuchadnezzar on their front lawn. (I won’t lie, someone had to inform me who this gentleman was. I just thought he was your generic prophet from the Bible.) *See metallic detailing. The sign outside the church was vague on details.  (Prophecy? What do you want specifics? Forgettaboutit.) But referred the reader to a website: rethinkingprophecy.com.

End time prophecy holds an interest for me, apparently not a very keen one since I didn’t recognize Neb, but I checked it out. Guess what? The site’s ‘under construction,’ and told me to come back later. Come back later? Like when the apocalypse has already started, and we’re all wearing the mark of the beast!? That later?!? Did this church just go out and buy some half-baked end times prophecy kit? Inflatable Nebuchadnezzar included? (Seriously It’s pretty impressive. If only they’d had that attention to detail with their website.) Not really knowing the implications of their actions?  Here’s another weird detail, when I enter the website’s address this pops up: /just another wordpress site. Like, **sigh*. What does that mean?

A week or so later I drive by the church and ole Nebuchadnezzar is no longer standing upright, but has literally folded downward, as if paying penance to someone or thing. What to make of this. God’s judgement? Punishment? Poor air circulation (my friend’s boring explanation) A bad omen? I’d kinda like to think so. 😉


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