Locker Lust

Locker Lust

Maybe you’ve seen this, Back to School commercial from Target, emphasizing, of all things, locker interior design. An adorable tween-age girl rushes off to class leaving us to study her freshly decorated locker, complete with miniature chandelier. Miniature chandelier! Well, I have to have one!

I run out to purchase the above mentioned product, only to discover that Target was fresh out of the star of their Back to School campaign. No miniature chandeliers. Really? But then they’ve pimped that little girl and her fabulous locker pretty hard.

Not easily discouraged, when it comes to schlock, I turn to the Interweb and discovered that the chandelier wasn’t some cute little cut-out, cardboard number but a $24.99-battery-operated, actual chandelier! For your locker?! Are they insane? Are we insane? (This is what my brother respectfully refers to as chick – crack.) Christie Sterling, the co-founder of Lockrlookz, agrees, confirming that girls are decorating their lockers in color-coded, pre-fab, matchy-matchy…kitsch in record numbers!

All of which got me to thinking of my school days, and how we decorated our lockers with just about anything we could get our hands on. Of course that was half the fun, maybe all of the fun! Scoring just the right pictures from Tiger-Beat or Bop! magazines. Glossy pictures of Duran Duran or Motley Crue taped carefully to your locker door. The quest for our identity through mass marketed teen sex-symbols! Now that was adolescence! Not this lazy, everything handed-to-you-on-a-Chinese-made-platter crap! Sigh…


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