High Heels Are Like Summer Block Busters

Lone Rtumblr_mqjxitEW6V1qi7qcao1_1280This time of year there’s always a lot of talk about big summer movie releases. Only this year the focus seems to have changed from, “The thrill of victory, to the agony of defeat.” As in how many have bombed. Such as The Lone Ranger, or just disappointing ticket sales like Pacific Rim.

For a number of years now I’ve noticed that women’s shoe departments can be divided into two categories, stripper shoes and athletic shoes. There doesn’t seem to be any in between. What happened to the sensible shoe? Can you imagine there was a time when women wore penny loafers? (The horror!) What if I don’t want to walk around in six-inch heels or glow-in-the-dark tennis shoes? I’ll tell you what, you’re screwed.

Of course now that I think about it I realize the two industries are struggling with the same issue, slipping margins. How do we get people to pay good money for either product? We’re shopping in a world saturated with cheap, plentiful products in both categories.

So how do you justify $15 movie tickets? Big, flashy, dumb, 3-D tent pole movies. The same with shoes. Big, ridiculous, strappy, strippy heels that look dated five minutes after you’ve walked out of the store. Bastards.


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