Honey Boo-Boo, Child

Honey Boo-Boo, Child

Last night I stumbled across the season premiere of Honey Boo-Boo. I haven’t watched a lot of Boo-Boo (though you don’t really need to) but I’ve seen enough to get the idea. If I’m starting to sound all holier-than-thou, I shouldn’t because last night I watched it for over an hour, and then a family member had to do an intervention to remove the remote control from my fingers.

I’ll make this brief, but I think some of the appeal of the show is that they seem like happy, go-lucky folks. Mama June laughs her way through situations, but not in that nervous, forced way that we’ve become accustomed to from people on TV, but in a natural, relaxed way. It’s rather refreshing. How can they be happy and carefree when the world is such a miserable, and unhappy place to be? Not to mention that they are fat and unattractive?!? Where do they get the right not to be unhappy? If the media/advertising industrial complex has taught us anything they should all be suicidal.

Now the bad news, but when I was a kid…I don’t remember being aware of such stark class distinctions. (Perhaps I was just young and naive.) Yes there were rich kids and poor kids, but that was about it. Thanks now to cable television we are exposed to ‘hillbillys’ or ‘white trash’ like the Honey Boo-Boo clan, all the time. (Southerns being a favorite target of cable television. They should form a union.) Or their African-American equivalent ‘ghetto blacks’ (see VH1 or MTV 2). Don’t forget the sleazy Italian branch, as demonstrated on Jersey Shore, or the Real Housewives of… Then of course there’s the shallow, filthy rich white people of other Housewives spin-offs, Beverly Hills, Miami, Vanderpump’s Rules, and naturally the Kardashian factory.I almost forgot the Jewish gals on ‘Princesses,’ oy-vey. All reinforcing stereotypes, making us feel either superior in the case of a Honey Boo-Boo, or angry, and envious of the Kim K’s. (Who wouldn’t? What does she do?) It appeals to the worst in human nature.

Like I said this stuff seemed as dated as Mr. Howell’s performance on Gilligan’s Island. But here we are, going back in time, the stratification of class and ethnic groups. It’s always been there, and I fear will always be there. Now watching Pumpkin eating cheese balls off the floor, I was reminded how much it’s returned and with a vengeance.


One thought on “Honey Boo-Boo, Child

  1. This is about teaching our children to grow up in decent and respectable homes so that they will become productive members of society! You have to know how much damage that is being done by condoning this lifestyle! What will become of these children when they grow up?I am looking at the BIG picture here.What was Mamma June person before this show? What was the man called Sugar bear? They should want their children to have a better life than the life they had..Sure they are making money now,But it won’t last forever and they are NOT teaching them any type of living skills by saying that it’s okay to dig in a dumpster,It’s okay to eat a meal off a bedspread tablecloth that is soaked in pet Urine! It’s okay to be disrespectful toward others..It’s okay for a little child to swear?? How can anyone condone this behavior?Yes,I have raised 6 children,I know how a little one acts and I know without being taught proper manners and showing them the importance of respecting their elders and peers that they are going to have a rough row to hoe when they become adults!They need structure,And Guidance to become successful adults! This show is not allowed to be shown in my home,I refuse to contribute in any way to the exploitation of these children,Mostly the youngest..Hopefully others will come to see that this show is not in any way some kind of celebrity reality show,They are pawns to make money for the TLC network..To line the pockets of people who care nothing for their future as long as they can continue to put that money in the bank.She will not be remembered the way that Shirley Temple has been remembered as some seem to think,They will be remembered as a Joke,They will grow up to be the brunt of many jokes in the future as they already are,Thus the episode on South Park that so many people keep referring to in their statements or post..This needs to stop,And the only way you can do that is to Boycott the show..JMHO!

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