Land of the Lost (It was the Sleestaks!)

Land of the Lost (Of course!)

Seeing a post on Marshall and Enik (above photograph) struck a cord with me, reminding me of the wonderfully bizarre, Land of the Lost. The classic 1970’s Saturday morning TV show.

My siblings and I loooved Land of the Lost. We couldn’t get enough of the catchy theme song, the stop-action animation of Grumpy, and Dopey, not to mention Chaka, (meeh) and of course the Sleestaks. Plus I think I had an early crush on Will. Who incidentally went on to do musical dinner theatre.

I saw an episode of LOTL awhile back, and it was heartbreaking. The acting was awful (and I have a high tolerance for bad acting). Predictably the plots were drivel…did I mention the hammy acting? How did we tolerate this show? Let alone enjoy it? I wondered. Which of course sent me to the Wikipedia entry on the subject. They seemed as lost to explain of the shows success as I was, but they did latch onto the Sleestaks. They credited the shows mysticism as having a part in its pull to little kids. Scary, but true. I remember being fascinated by the Sleestaks. Stills and gifs from the show don’t really do them justice, they just look like any other extra in a bad sci-fi production. But they were mysterious. They were up to things that nobody (probably even the producers) understood. In their caves they had bright, glowing rocks that were set into the cave’s wall, and glowed eerily in the dark. The Sleestaks would press on these stones and things would happen. Mostly dust dropping from the ceiling, and a shaky camera moves is what I remember.

So until I hear and/or discover differently, I think the Sleestaks were the key to it all. Who knew?


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