Deviled Eggs for Lazy People

photo (10)I saw these for the first time in Safeway the other day and it blew my mind. A deviled egg kit?! I find boiling water taxes my patience, but I do make deviled eggs. They are so easy, and cheap. The kit cost 12 bucks!


Psycho’s Dynasty


I was watching the old 80’s soap opera Dynasty the other day. I hadn’t seen it in years and was surprised how effective the opening sequence/credits were. Sure it seem dated and over-the-top (a bit of fun with all the male leads having oil rigs or skyscrapers beside them). But there is something more there, something above average TV production values. The music is so majestic, the credits perfectly timed with the visual cues. (I wish I could have loaded gif’s instead of still photos into this blog.)

That’s when I realized they had taken a page from Alfred Hitchcock’s/Saul Bass Psycho credits. Vertical lines for Dynasty, vertical and horizontal with accompanying violins for Psycho.  Uplifting, majestic cords for Dynasty; sinster, nervous energy for Psycho. Nothing like borrowing from the best.